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Bureau 7 Thriller Series

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Book One

ASIN: B01LD2POSG [Kindle e-Book]

ISBN-10: 1520989776 [Paperback]

ISBN-13: 978-1520989778 [Paperback]


Lawrence Lander is an operator with Bureau 7, a newly formed and secretive organisation specialising in black ops and deniable operations in the murky world of international terrorism and espionage.

Only a matter of months after being recruited by the enigmatic Mr Skardon, Lander is selected for an assignment involving the theft of secret intelligence from Britain's GCHQ intelligence-gathering organisation. 

ISIS hold hostages in the Syrian desert and their whereabouts and schedule of movements are included within the stolen data. The access key is held by British-born ISIS commander Ali Ahmadi – known as “Animal Ali” – and he isn't about to give it up without a fight.

The heart-stopping action takes place during the culmination of the operation to obtain the password allowing access to this vital information.      


The question is, can Lander secure the password and initiate a rescue mission before the hapless captives are savagely murdered? 

The must-win finale of Operation Minx takes place against the backdrop of the worst storm England has seen for many years, and Lander is pitched against a seasoned, ambitious and desperate fanatic who will stop at nothing to prevail.

Bureau 7's newest recruit – already struggling to come to terms with PTSD and the pressures of working with his beautiful and ambitious Israeli partner, Rivka Levine – must take on his baptism of fire and win at all costs.

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Book Two

ASIN: B072SRGTPK [Kindle e-Book]

ISBN-10: 1521502242 [Paperback]

ISBN-13: 978-1521502242 [Paperback]

Bureau 7 operators Lawrence Lander and Rivka Levine travel to Washington DC to eliminate Chapman Hughes, a senior MI6 officer based at the British Embassy who appears to have gone rogue and become involved with the "Sons of Saladin", a ruthless group of jihadists. His death is the only way to ensure the secrets in his head remain there.


But things quickly go wrong when Rivka is kidnapped by an ex-Mossad colleague working with Hughes. Just after this shock, the first bomb explodes within a few yards of Lander and the game changes. Add to this the suspected defection of a local FBI contact and the complications come thick and fast.


Lander finds himself working with ex-Delta Force operator Ryan Schmidt, Bureau 7's local man, as they forge a bond born out of common experience.


How many bombs will there be? What's the ultimate target intended to send the world the biggest message since 9/11? Lander needs to make sense of what's happening before it's too late, whilst simultaneously wrestling with his priorities as he ponders the fate of Rivka.


The thrill-a-minute action, with twists aplenty along the way, will leave you breathless.

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Book Three




Lawrence Lander is taking some well-earned leave when he hears that the wife and two daughters of an officer and subsequently good friend he served under during his time in the SAS have been kidnapped in Dubai.


Lander wastes no time in going to Dubai to renew his friendship with Eddie Hunt, someone with whom he's shared near-death experiences in secret operations around the world.

It becomes clear that Jayne is a pawn in the deadly mission of a group of ruthless Iranian intelligence agents whose mission is the protection of their country's nuclear arms ambitions. Lander has no choice but to involve his boss, Mr Skardon at Bureau 7. Rivka Levine is deployed to assist her partner as the Iranian's psychopathic leader takes murder and cruelty to a new level.


Dubai's stunning cityscape and sultry summer heat and humidity is the backdrop to the encounter between good and evil. Then the action moves to remote areas of Abu Dhabi, and then to the UK and back again. The situation becomes desperate as the chase to save lives and prevent the unleashing of nuclear horror in the already volatile Middle East approaches critical mass.


This is another high-octane adventure with Lander and Rivka that will keep you gripped and enthralled as the story takes you inexorably to the thing that must be stopped: Project Ignition Point.

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