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"Crossover" is Coming!

After Storm Bringer comes Crossover, the next in the Bureau 7 series featuring Lawrence Lander.

Set in Washington DC, a senior MI6 officer, Chapman Hughes, leaves the British Embassy after work one evening . . . and disappears.

After initially suspecting kidnap, or worse, news arrives that confirms Hughes is behind an attack on the Director of the FBI.

Lawrence Lander, the rising star of Bureau 7, accompanied by ex-Mossad beauty Rivka Levine, is dispatched to clear up the mess in the simplest way possible: the assassination of Hughes. But the traitor proves a far more formidable target than anticipated due, in part, to his alliance with a ruthless terrorist group.

Then the unthinkable happens: Rivka is kidnapped by an ex-Mossad colleague who is himself a traitor to his own country and who's been sprung from an Israeli prison by Hughes to assist with his planned terror attacks in Washington DC.

In Rivka's enforced absence, Lander is assisted by local Bureau 7 man Ryan Schmidt, an ex-Delta Force operator. Both men work together and bring their similar military backgrounds to bear in order to do their best to make Operation Castro a success.

Crossover is full of twists and turns and will keep you on the edge of your seat and your nerves jangling.

Watch out for Crossover . OUT SOON!

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